6 Major Tips to Write an Effective Content


6 Major Tips to Write an Effective Content. Every person wants to get more traffic on their websites through organic search. This is not quit very simple to bring a lot of traffic to their sites. Lot of people write content of blog posts for their sites and they do not get more traffic and they fail to convince the reader to read their posts. But do not worry about that, I will explain some important tips of Content writing.

Some people copy the content from others website, make some small changes and paste it to the website. Google will not blacklist your website for this kind of activity.

But keep in mind some lines that you will always want.

  • Do you want to earn money from Google AdSense
  • Desire to urge audience to read your post
  • Need lot of organic traffic

As I mentioned above that Google will not blacklist your website for copying content and pasting it to the website. When you add your website for AdSense then Google will check all the pages and posts in your site, even everything. While checking all the data of your site, if Google finds the copied and pasted data then Google does not accept your website.

If adsense account is not approved then how will you earn?

Secondly, there is very much less chances to get audience towards the content or post. Less the audience means lack of traffic.

So finally here I am going to discuss some important tips for Content Writing.

1: Who the audiences are:

This very first step in which you have to know about your audience that who they are, what do they need and what do they want to read.

2: Write for the Audience:

Always write for the audience, not for yourself. By knowing your audience you can write for them easily.

3: Write simple:

While making the sentences, avoid the difficult words to use. Be precise and simple. Here is an example:

“you should follow Google policies”

“you ought to follow Google strategies”

In first sentence is quite easy to understand but in second sentence something feels like logic.

Use always real-world example in the content which helps the audience to understand better. Give a lot of information to the readers, a lot means more then 2,000 words.

4: Use Bullets, numbering and listing:

Use bullets and listing in your paragraphs because it put a good impact on audience. Audience love to read the listing like “Beautiful Places In USA”, “Top 10 bloggers” e.t.c.

Sometime audience does not read full post, he just view your content. If there are bullets in your content then audience will get your content quickly.

5: Create a stunning title:

Create title in such a way that can attract readers and they can understand what is going to be discussed. Because the whole content story depends on a title.

The title can increase the reader’s inquisitiveness as well as it can make the readers ignore the story. So the first priority should be a good title that can get the attention of readers in very first glimpse.

6: SEO Based Content:

Write the content in such a manner that explain best about your product or service because Google focuses on multiple keywords and key phrases. It also includes the sequences of words that a reader can type in Google to find relevant information.

Also increase the readability of content. So use the tools to check the readability score. Higher the readability score will build a unique way for the readers and Google.

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